Cozy Captivity

Ahhhhhhhhhhhh.....  Winter.

Its that time of year when the air is crisp, the candles & the tea stirs itself. You've worked hard all day, and you deserve to TREAT yourself!


Girl, where you been?

Short answer? BUSY

As you can see, we've cleaned things up a bit! 

We've simplified our store front, we have partnered with trusted vendors to bring you the self-care items you DESERVE, at a price you can afford.  We are still your purveyors of Elevated Self-Care Essentials & we will continue to get better & better as we grow. Thank You for being part of that growth!

We have listened to your feedback. Thank you all for your honest reviews of our First launch in July 2020, Paradisco.

We worked on streamlining our processes, worked out the kinks in our shipping & added a few new products the BODY by OM Family of Products. 

We missed you guys. Welcome back!

Say Hello to the Comfort Capsule

Comfort Capsules: The next big thing!

Have you had ENOUGH this week?

You've decided to hole up inside and enjoy a much needed Self-Care Sesh.

Odd Metropolis has created Comfort Capsules for just those times.

Comfort Capsules are a loving curation of Cozy essentials to assist in ushering you through a night, or weekend, of WORRYING ABOUT YO'SELF!

These items are assembled and packaged with care, in our warehouse and shipped directly to you, no more sporadic deliveries. We took care of that.

Comfort Capsules: Self-care that doesn't break the Bank!

We have the solution to your self-care, stay-home sabbatical.........

no matter your budget.

Sometimes our budget can run a little THICC or a little lean.

We want to provide you a moment of joy at price points that cater to anyone's budget!

........But these add-ons, tho??

If you're feeling a little "Boujee", we also offer three add-ons to effectively maximize your "Me" time.

You can be Fancy, Extra AF, or Unbothered.... its up to you, but either is HIGHLY recommended.


Retrograde? Musty energy lurking around?

No problem!

Allow me to introduce the OM Chill Sack

A kit of Beginner Mystic Essentials...

Sage Bundle w/Abalone shell

Palo Santo stick

4 Crystals(Hematite, Clear Quartz, Amethyst & Selenite)

Om Chill Sacks were created to get reacquainted with one's positive energy and release pent up negative energy.


Has a BODY by OM product been on your mind that you wanted to try? With a new scent?

Try the BODY by OM GO! Sacks

This item includes ALL 8 BODY by OM's signature bathing products in scents that may intrigue you. They are long-lasting yet portable for the purse or knapsack.


The "Im over it.... Leave me alone..... phone off for the weekend.....Hit the Reset Button" add-on. 

These decadent add-ons tend to be collectables & ensure the ULTIMATE self-care experience. These Items change out frequently, as we only order a few at a time, to ensure exclusivity in your purchase. Better catch them while you can!